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Solar Energy

Solar power is one of the future's solutions to energy as energy is getting more and more expensive to discover, drill, transport, store, transmit and use.
Whether its wind, oil, natural gas, water or solar, new sources must be made available as the World grows and the demand on energy increases from every  nation, country or island.
Solar Power is the creation of DC electricity from solar panel modules and converted to AC. This AC matches your power company's input line which connects to your home providing you with power to run almost every appliance, computers, TV, garage doors and even security systems.
A solar system can be installed to reduce your usage by 25% - 100% bringing your cost down to near zero. By looking at your power company bill for your electricity usage you are able to see the tier rating with costs for each tier. The higher the tier cost the more savings you will see with your solar system.
Take for example this tier set up. Your first 100 are costing you .18 cents, the next 100 is .32 cents, after that the next 100 is .46 cents, and finally the top 100 tier is .58 cents. You use 400 a month costing you $154.00 a month.
Ok, so you install a 50% system reducing your usage by 200 which is 50%.
So you take off the top two tiers which are the .46 and .58 tiers. Now your bill is only $50.00 but you only reduced your usage by 50% but your bill went down by a
Whopping 68%! That's how solar works reduce your top tiers and save more than the system you installed in percentage. This is just an example for you to see how solar effects tier costs and how your solar works.